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StarPrinter.Online is a Cloud service enabling receipt and order printing and device management from Cloud based software with minimal set-up time and cost with near zero integration. 

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*Currently available in EU and EEA countries.  Please contact Star for details.

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What is Star CloudPRNT and StarPrinter.Online?

Star CloudPRNT technology, available free of charge on all of Star’s latest receipt and label printers, uniquely stores and creates print jobs and communicates status with the printer. Orders created through web apps and cloud based software can be directly printed in store or in a restaurant, bar or kitchen for table and home ordering.  StarPrinter.Online is a dedicated service for retailers and restaurant owners to quickly set up Cloud printing and to manage their printer estate without having to configure their own server. 

The StarPrinter.Online Dashboard

The clear StarPrinter.Online dashboard allows users to view
each connected device in real time and analyse individual or
groups of devices from a central location:

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"Within minutes the kitchen and bar printers were connected to the online ordering system and were receiving orders from a wide range of locations"

"The integration was smooth and straightforward.  We have had no problems since and it has been life-changing for our company"

What does seamless cloud order printing look like?

Star CloudPRNT Printer Range

Contact Star EMEA’s dedicated Sales or Support teams for more information and for a free StarPrinter.Online demonstration